"TAKE IT EASY" Esketamine and "treatment-resistant" depression
Un exercice pour perfectionner son anglais biomédical : un texte en anglais, avec son glossaire et son mini-quiz.

Depression is a common condition characterised by a profound and sustained change in mood. Symptoms include abnormal sadness, reduced self-esteem, loss of interest, loss of pleasure, withdrawal and isolation, which interfere with everyday life to varying degrees. The various options available for treating this condition...

initiation • nasal spray • relapse • misuse...

Questions (True or False?)
1- Factors capable of maintaining depression include: somatic disease, medication, addiction, and circumstances of life.
2- When choosing between the various options to treat depression, one of the main factors to take into account is their adverse effect profile.
3- Nasal esketamine often provokes neuropsychiatric disorders and may increase the risk of suicide.
4- The efficacy of adding nasal esketamine to an oral antidepressant in patients with "treatment-resistant" depression is well established.

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